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Feeling Stylish and Warm With a New Pair of UGG Boots

UGG boots have been a part of the fashion world for decades. There are several things that made them the top choice for boot wear - warranty, stylish designs, and high quality fur. Some of the new designs for the Fall 2011 collection include Ravenna, Aprelle, Josie, Aubree, Lillian, Brienne, Sofia, Broom II, Adirondack Boot II, Avondale, Bailey Button Triplet Bomber, and Maylin.

UGG boots are manufactured from sheep leather. This makes them comfortable to wear, and provides protection against moisture and cold. With fall around the corner, many are looking at the new UGG options.

The Ravenna boots are a great choice for the upcoming fall rains. They are high boots, yet remain under the knee. Revanna's have stacked heals, which are a hit this season. Their simple elegance makes them an appropriate choice for all types of events. They come in three different colors - honey ale, stout, and black.

The Josie women's boots are very unique. The height of the shaft is approximately 12 A� inches and the height of the heel is 3 A� inches. However, they can be cuffed down thanks to the double snap construction. Josie's transformation option makes this boot the "Optimus Prime" of UGGs.

Broom II are very low heel boots, which can be used for causal everyday activities. They are comfortable, durable, and have a removable sock that keeps the feet dry. Broom II boots come in three different colors - chocolate, charcoal, and fawn.

The Adirondack Boot II is a great choice for snowy and wet climates. The Vibram sole makes it great for hikes and nature trails. It is calf-high, which makes it ideal for long walks.

The Hartley boot is a stylish option that looks elegant. Its low wedge heel makes it appropriate for long walks and cold weather. The Hartley can be purchased in chestnut, black, or espresso color.

Fall is a beautiful season. The trees change color, and the wind becomes crisper. This is the romantic side of the season. However, usually when fall comes there is a lot of rain, and wearing sandals is no longer an option. In order to prevent catching a cold, a person must keep their feet warm. UGG boots provide a high quality fashionable solution. Their designs look great, they feel comfortable, and last long. There are a lot of good choices in the 2011 selection. Some boots are appropriate for hiking, while others can be used for more formal events.