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Finding Cheap Shoes Was a Godsend

My wife works so hard and she never seems to find the time to treat herself. We have three young children and we're constantly juggling our time and energy between work commitments and parenting. She is always on the go, and with a birthday just around the corner, I wanted to make sure she got the present she deserves.

In our younger days, before starting a family, she was very fashion-conscious, and always loved wearing the latest styles and the famous designer labels. Although she still dresses beautifully now, we haven't been able to afford to spend much on clothing in recent times, so I was determined to find her something special for the big day.

My sister suggested perfume, but to be honest she already has several bottles, and because we don't go out as often as we once did, she doesn't really use it as often as before. Therefore, although a sophisticated fragrance was a good idea, it wasn't one that would be distinctive enough to show how much I love her.

I thought about the more traditional gifts such as flowers and chocolates, but they are simply not special enough. Although she loves to receive blooms, I buy them for her on a regular basis anyway. I will still get some for her birthday, but only as an additional gift to the main one.

She had mentioned before about needing a little break, so I enquired about a spa weekend. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but she told me a story last week about a friend of hers who went on one, saying that it was a good idea for her friend but she really didn't like the idea because she'd miss the children too much.

And later that day I saw an ad for a website that sells cheap shoes, and it hit me like a boxing glove on a spring. She always loved wearing the latest names in footwear, and a new pair would be the ideal present. I checked the Internet that evening and found the site, and I was absolutely amazed at the amount of choice I found there.

Like most men, I would imagine, I know hardly anything about shoes, and with such a wide selection I was a little confused about what she would really like best. So I went to my sister's house armed with a pen and a notebook to get some ideas from her. She and my wife have been best friends for many years, so she was definitely the best person to ask.

She was blown away by the site, because she loves footwear, especially when it's inexpensive, as much as my wife does. She told me to get a pair of extremely elegant black high heels designed by one of the most famous names in the industry, in fact someone so famous even I had heard of him!

With such an amazing choice of cheap shoes, I will be returning to the website at Christmas as well, and I may well be getting a pair for my sister, too!