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John Paul Strain and His Works

If you are well-versed in American art, then you might have heard of John Paul Strain. Most john paul strain art works are characterized by the feeling of antiquity, history or preservation of a specific memory. His usual subjects include events, scenarios, and places reminiscent of the pre to post Civil War era. Before tackling more about his work, it is but fitting to know more about the man and his history.

Who Is John Paul Strain?

John Paul Strain is an American painter who specializes in themes of history, landscapes, people, and events that are related to the Civil War period. At age 21, he was already showcasing his art works and paintings in various galleries all across America. He was fortunate to be given a chance to present an installation in Trailside Galleries, which at the time, was the most prestigious art gallery of the West.

He has received many accolades and awards for his work. He was given the PICA Awards Medal, the PIAG 2008 Awards, the Printing Industry of the Carolinas, and more. Many of the john paul strain art works have also been presented in various cable channels like the History Channel and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition. He has a book entitled, "A Witness to the Civil War" which was released in 2002.

What are his usual painting styles and themes?

John Paul Strain uses watercolor gouache as his main medium in his paintings. When he was just starting out, he mostly painted pictureque landscapes, wild life, Indian life interpretations. He then included historical figures into his line of work, and began painting about the people he had seen during the pinnacle of the Civil War. He painted officers on horseback rides, battles, the American army and its known leaders, as well as the history of the Civil War era.

Many john paul strain art pieces have been featured in the movies, posters, book and magazine covers, and even in film. He was dubbed as the greatest historical painter of America for his works. Many of his paintings also reside in memorial battlefield locations, sites, and government buildings, and museums.

As for the general theme of his works, Strain is known for freezing a specific time frame and putting it on his canvas. Several of his works are also reminiscent of the old days, from his works involving calm lush forests, rivers, to men riding their horses and donning gallant uniforms. One can see that his art signature is the antique look of his works.

Where is John Paul Strain now?

Right now, John Paul Strain is living in Texas. He acts as the Captain of the 7th Texas Cavalry of Northern Texas and can occasionally be seen rounding up his troops. Most recently, he was invited to participate in the show, "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". He has an official website which lists all of his artworks, biography, and appearances, awards and his online store. He can also be contacted through the website he maintains.