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Lin Chi Ling

Chiling Lin aka Lin Chi ling aka Lin Zhi ling is a Charming face, bombastic figure and widely fashionable super model in Taiwan and Asia. Chi ling is unique because of her prompt rise up in such a abrupt period of time to grow popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment scene as one of the most popular Model and was elected "Taiwan's first beauty".

Chi ling was a nearly undiscovered model until mass media news reports related Chi Ling as the girlfriend of fellow model turned actor/singer, F4 members Jerry Yan with the rumoured relationship circulating in 2004. Chi ling memorable hosting of the 41st Taiwan Golden Horse Film when hugged by Andy Lau and Tony Leung, and in 2005 horse riding accident all played a part for Chi Ling to become the new found celebrity of the entertainment business in the Taiwan region and the most popular topic of entertainment figures.

A matter of interest to some is Lin Zhi Ling height as she is a model after all. The height of female model is a borderline of 170cm and ideally up to 180cm and obviously height is only one of the prerequisites of being a top female model. Lin Zhi Ling height is 174cm although some references have numbered Lin Zhi Ling height as 175cm. When Zhi Ling is wearing heels, by nature it increases her height. Thus i will say Lin Zhi Ling height is 174cm when unshoed and 180cm when on heels.

With her angelic , pretty and sexy image, Lin Zhi Ling bikini photos for magazine publisher shoots and ads are well received. Zhi Ling breast is sometime the subject of media reports. This is traceable to Lin Zhi Ling suffering a horse riding accident in 2005 and rumours that she "damaged" her boobs during the accident. Zhi Ling boobs become a matter of speculation with photos of Zhi Ling boobs earlier and afterward being a regular occurrence.. Zhi Ling breast size is 34C naturally and mass media rumours of Lin Zhi Ling Boobs being damaged are misguided at best in reality.

Zhi Ling recently acted in the movie Red Cliff. Red Cliff is Zhi Ling debut movie as she played the role of Xiao Qiao. Director John Woo expressed that one of the ground for casting Zhi Ling in Red Cliff was that Zhi Ling true life personality was close to that of Xiao Qiao in Red Cliff. In some circles, there was uproar and unhappiness over Zhi Ling Red Cliff casting as some felt Zhi Ling was too old for the role of Xiao Qiao in Red Cliff and too new for such a important film production. Red Cliff is one of the most costly film in history of Asia cinmea to be produced and anticipations were high, especially as it covered the historical battles of China warlords.

However Zhi Ling Red Cliff acting quieted many critics as her acting was accepted to be more accomplished than expected, particularly for a first time debut. Zhi Ling film CV is set to extend as she has signed on for new movie "Ci Ling". This film will see Zhi Lingpair off with Jay Chou. Zhi ling will roleplay the persona of a writer in the flick. The title of the film "Ci Ling" is also a construction of Zhi Ling English name which is Chi ling.