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Mysterious Morgan Freeman In Wanted

Joining Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy is Morgan Freeman in Wanted. While Jolie and McAvoy are the main actors in this action packed film, Freeman plays the part of Sloan, who becomes the mentor of McAvoys character. McAvoy plays the part of Wes, who lives day to day in his miserable life with a boss who constantly yells, a girlfriend that is frequently MIA, and a job that entails not much more than punching in and out every day. His entire life changes, however, once Fox (Jolie) brings him to a secret society, and to Sloan (Freeman).

The character of Sloan that Morgan Freeman plays in Wanted is a mysterious, passively intimidating man who is the leader of a secret society for people with superhuman powers. This secret society of superhero assassins turns out to be an ancient organization that lives by an unbreakable code. The code says to carry out the death orders given by fate itself. Fox (Jolie) teaches Wes (McAvoy) super quick reflexes, agility beyond normal human capability, and great strength. The premise of the movie is that an office worker, James McAvoy, is rounded up by actress Angelina Jolie to join the secret society of assassins. The assassins, however, have various superhuman powers, which gives the movie an amusing twist for fun as well as some action and adventure. Morgan Freeman spearheads the superhuman group.

The hit movie Wanted in is available now for fans to add to their home collections. The movie is based on a comic book series, and is very much like a comic book in a movie form on screen. Wanted has enough blood, vulgarity, and a ton of fun that will give fans a great time while they are watching it.

Wanted is very much suited to be like its comic book origins, and the movie uses quite a bit of computer generated scenes and tons of special effects. Most of the computer generated work is displayed adequately, although there are a few scenes that do not seem to look very real. The movie is visually enhanced so that the colors are nice and vivid and the picture is very sharp and nice to watch. The film is supposed to be set in Chicago, but some of the scenes were actually filmed in Prague. The setting for the film seems to suit the movie just fine. The team of Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, and Morgan Freeman in Wanted takes action to an all new level.