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Striking Calvin Klein Watches 2010

Calvin Klein watches boast style and elegance. The brand over the years has built an empire from creating successful products such as the famous CK One fragrance and the designer clothing range. Creative and effective marketing campaigns with famous Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg and catwalk model Kate Moss have helped create a global designer label.

With all this success, CK watches have used the same blue print that has made the brand so successful. Calvin Klein has come up trumps with a new range of fabulous watches. The 2010 collection of watches are conventional and they look incredible. Expensive materials like leather, croc skin, highly polished stainless steel and gold plate dominate the ensemble and there are striking designs throughout.

Now the CK brand has moved into the designer watch market, creating sophisticated and elegant timepieces for both men and women. With innovative design team and excellent marketing in place, the CK collections of watches are fabulous and exciting. They have managed to fuse together contemporary and modern styles to create a classic CK look.

If you like your watches and accessories to be graceful and aesthetic, than this is the watch for you! Calvin Klein watches are perfect for users looking for a classic look by a traditional designer. Wearing a Calvin Klein watch will compliment your looks and be an investment in style.

CK watch collection appeals to all ages and sexes. With one of the largest selections of designs, styles, flair and unique touches, you can guarantee the CK watch collection to be a success with shoppers this Christmas