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Why Every Dog Has to Have a Dog Life Vest to Be Safe

I have known at least three people in my life who have lost dogs to water, and they all have said the same thing "he was such a great swimmer"... Regardless of that, the dogs are still gone, and in all three cases a dog life vest would have saved their life. Those families are devastated by the loss of the dog, and one of the families actually lost the father as well, in a river, as he attempted to save his beloved pet. The life vest just makes so much more sense to me.

Life Vest by Dog Size

I own a Flat Coat hunting retriever; you cannot get a more water proof dog than this, and even he wears a vest in the field. His provides both flotation and visibility (being bright orange, naturally it would) and even has a few handles on it for easy lifting of the dog into the boat should he get exhausted while swimming. You can get a good dog life vest in any size, my Shih Tzu has one as well, and I wouldn't have a dog of any size near the water without one. Measure your dog from the center of the chest and to the base of his tail, you will measure a vest the same way to reach your appropriate size. Do not get a vest that is too large for the dog, or he will pop right out of it and not gain any benefit. He may also slide down into it, submerging his head and while the vest will bob along the top of the water, his head and shoulders will be trapped under the surface and he can drown that way as well.

Features to Consider

Fit is the number one feature in a dog life vest, but there are some other really good ideas out there too. My dog's hunting life vest, as I stated above, has handles strategically placed to help him into a boat or onto a shoreline he may be having trouble getting onto. This is a bonus when your dog weighs eighty five pounds and you are pulling from the floor and against the water resistance. It also gives a rescue crew something to tie a rope to if he gets stuck in a bad river current, and is trapped. These are important things to consider while picking out a dog life vest.